Friday, March 17, 2017

Mid March Musings

Not much happened this past week.  The strange weather had a lot to do with it!  Extremely high winds brought down hydro poles and certainly a lot of trees.

Peers Wetland trail

Many of those trees were the decaying ash.

The temperatures were unwelcome indeed, re-freezing everything.  We had more ice this week than in most of the winter!

Port Lambton

Gulls were still quite plentiful on the St. Clair River enjoying the ice.

Sombra Today

This time last year we had a lot more birds around including Eastern Phoebes.  Perhaps some will surface this weekend.  However, it not supposed to get very warm in the next week.

Yesterday afternoon was quite nice after the wind died down and warmed up a bit.  I took a look around Mitchell's Bay in the evening, however, most of the Bay was still frozen (actually re-frozen!).

Common Goldeneye

Mallard X Black Duck hybrid

I could see quite a bit of waterfowl farther out, but too distant to make anything out even with a scope.

Tomorrow will have more typical weekend weather (crappy!) for this time of year, but I will be out looking around.

Typical Chatham-Kent scene

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