Friday, December 23, 2016

Guthrie Gulls

After lunch today I headed up to Corunna and parked at Guthrie Park.  Many gulls had been reported this week, so I wanted to check it out.  Upwards of 1000 gulls have been feeding at the mouth of Talfourd Creek and off the head of Stag Island.

Most were Herring Gulls with a few Greater Black-backed, Ring-billed and a single adult Lesser Black-backed.

Strangely, no white-winged gulls!  Perhaps some will show later.

There are hardly any ducks on the river.  About 100 Mallards are at the Sombra ferry dock and a few other ducks along the way up to Corunna.
With the Wallaceburg CBC coming up on the 27th, hopefully some of these gulls (and ducks) will head down into the circle!

The lonely hermaphrodite Mallard continues to hang out at the Port Lambton riverfront.  I saw it before it got light this morning.

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