Saturday, December 24, 2016

Erieau Birding

Birding at Erieau was on the agenda today, and first stop was McGeachy Pond dike.  Recently, some warblers have been seen along the dike and I was hoping to catch a glimpse of at least one of them.  It was not to be, despite checking the dike carefully two different times!
Some White-throated Sparrows are wintering there (at least 4).

I also checked the Rail Trail (twice!) but just the usual birds were found.  Included was a Marsh Wren, although heard, it remained unseen.

At the pier area of Erieau, there were lots of ducks to be seen.  Included was the Harlequin Duck which was rather distant.
Since it was the weekend, it was doom and gloom weather-wise, so photos not too good. I make no apologies!

Gadwall on Ice

A couple of Pied-billed and a Horned Grebe were in the entrance to the marina, as were many American Coots.

Some American Pipits are still around and one flew over while I was at the pier.  Jim Burk also had one on the south beach of Rondeau.

With some time left before heading home, I slid over to Rondeau Park and walked the campground.  Yet again, it was bit quiet, but I did see one Yellow-rumped Warbler among the usuals.  No sapsucker this time!

Some geese and swans were in a field near Shrewsbury.

At home I was looking forward to seeing what was at the feeders since I am never home during the daylight hours.  Just as I was going to settle down, this beast made an appearance.

So much for the rest of the day!

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