Wednesday, October 19, 2016

More Late Leps

This morning was quite calm, but balmy and a bit foggy.  I stopped by Roberta Stewart Wetland first thing for a walk.

There were not many birds.  Usually the bulk of birds are blackbirds and I could hear them roosting in the distance.  At dawn, you can get tens of thousands coming off the island this time of year.

At noon, I took a quick look at Brander Park and the 4 Silver-spotted Skippers were still present.
After work, I stopped by Peers Wetland.  There were not many birds, but butterflies seemed more interesting.

Highlight was a Peck's Skipper, the latest I have seen one.

There were about 3 Eastern Tailed-blues.

A Common Buckeye and several Common Checkered-Skippers.

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