Saturday, October 22, 2016

Brisk 'n Birdy

It was a good day for birding, but brisk and cold.  I was tempted to go to Sarnia but thought I would get more bang for my buck at Rondeau Park.  Yesterday, a couple of decent birds were at the lakewatch spot at Sarnia on the northerly wind!

I started at Dog Beach in Rondeau Park for a lakewatch.  There were not many gulls, but lots of ducks.  All three scoters were represented today, scaup, Bufflehead, Common Goldeneye, Red-breasted Merganser, etc.
woodcock making a beeline for the woods
Steve Charbonneau joined me and we were amused again with the passerines coming in off the lake. A total of 6 American Woodcock, a couple of Hermit Thrushes, several American Robins, Pipits, a junco and even a meadowlark (presumably Eastern) were among the mix.

The only other shorebird today was a Dunlin that I saw before Steve arrived.
While there, we got word of a couple of Cattle Egrets near Shrewsbury, flying inland.  Steve later went off to look for them, but they were not found again to my knowledge.

I continued on to south point trail where there were good pockets of birds.  Most were Yellow-rumped and kinglets of course, but others were mixed in.

Purple Finch

I had one very good spot with 2 Blackpoll Warblers, 3 Palm (one being of the hypochrysea type), a late Eastern Wood Peewee and other birds.

Blackpoll Warbler

The "eastern" Palm co-operated quite nicely. It is the second one I have seen this fall at Rondeau.

As often is the case this time of year, Eastern Bluebirds flock up and one group of about 30 was on south point trail.  I saw a few more later, including 3 at the old Dillon dump.  There I also accumulated 3 Black-legged Ticks!  (I hope that was all).  October is the worst time of year for the critters at Rondeau, although this year they have not been too bad.

Behind maintenance, I found the robins.  There were dozens plus just as many White-throated Sparrows.

On to Blenheim Lagoons....
The 3 Barn Swallows were still present diligently searching for food.

There were several hundred Ruddy Ducks, plus several other species including Blue-winged Teal (there were more than the 8 I reported on eBird, but who was counting?)
Also present was a "farm" duck which looked out of place.

In the sprinkler cells, shorebirds included 3 Lesser Yellowlegs, 4 Greater Yellowlegs, a Dunlin, a Least Sandpiper, a Pectoral Sandpiper and several Killdeer.

The lagoons were full of Bonaparte's Gulls, but as usual, nothing with them.

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