Saturday, September 3, 2016

Weekend Bird Influx

With the change in weather Friday morning, lots of birds were on the move.  I stopped by Peers Wetland before work on Friday and ended up being late for work!  There were lots of warblers, flycatchers and vireos to sort through.  They were really on the move, so I only got to look at a fraction of them.

Cape May Warbler

Highlight was a good look at an Olive-sided Flycatcher along the dike on the far side of the woodlot.  Later while I was near the parking lot, I heard "Quick-three-beers!" The birds do not sing much this time of year, but it was nice to hear one of my favourite songs.

Today, I ventured down to Rondeau Park and was not disappointed.  At least 17 species of warblers were seen and lots of vireos and flycatchers.  There was nothing rare, but of course it was nice to look at many birds.

While on the maintenance loop looking at some Northern Parulas, I received a text message from Steve Charbonneau about a Buff-breasted Sandpiper along Fargo Road.  I was about done in the park anyway, so I immediately headed there.
It sometimes seems difficult to catch up with these uncommon sandpipers, but I did manage to see this one.  It was too far out for a decent photo though.

I checked out the Blenheim Lagoons with Steve.  There has not been much there lately.  A Red-necked Phalarope finally showed up on Thursday, but did not stay.
Highlight there was the discovery of some Fiery Skippers!

I knew it was only a matter of time before I came across some this year.

Before going home, I went over to Ridgetown to see a variety of shorebirds.  The one cell east of the plant has some good edge which has attracted quite a few birds.  Nothing unusual today though.

Twelve-spotted Skimmer


  1. I heard an olive-sided flycatcher as well for the first time yesterday. It's such a unique and interesting call. Very distinctive.

    1. It is one of my favourite calls to hear in migration or on the breeding grounds. Sometimes they do not call or only do a partial call.

  2. I heard my first olive-sided flycatcher yesterday, but it was far off. Yet another "heard only" lifer!

  3. I forgot to add...I think it sounds more like "Three Beers Please", but maybe that's just me trying to be polite :)