Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Peers View

Dumb title, but anyway I stopped at Peers Wetland around sunrise this morning.  This seems to be the best time of day to see birds.  Especially herons!

There were several Black-crowned Night-Herons and Great Blue Herons in view from the parking lot.  First thing in the morning is best before they get disturbed.  I counted ten night-herons.  Around the other side of the woodlot, I found a couple more, so there were at least a dozen.  I can only hope a Yellow-crowned somehow gets mixed in at some point!

There some Green Herons as well, but no Great Egret.  However, a Great Egret is hanging around Stewart Wetland right now.

There were some warblers at the woodlot as well finally.  Some of those included Blackburnian, Black-and-White, Magnolia, Redstart.  Others were too high in the trees in poor light to discern species.
I stopped by after work and hardly saw a thing!

Sun rise at Peers

There has been nothing at Port Lambton recently.  Guess I will stick to Peers for the morning walk!

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