Monday, August 1, 2016

Weekend Walks

Sunday I decided to head up to Sarnia to check things out, starting with Perch Creek.  There is not much to see there in the summer, but there are some plantings of prairie plants.  Spiked Blazing Star is now coming out, as well as many others.

Perch Creek Habitat can be good for butterflies.  I came across some Broad-winged Skippers alongside the trail farther back.  First time I have seen them there.

It is also the only place in the area that I have found Leonard's Skippers.  Soon they will be appearing.
There were a few other species yesterday.

Question Mark

Red-spotted Purple

There was not much in the way of birds at Perch Creek yesterday, but it can be good during migration.

Next stop was Wawanosh Wetlands.

It is also a good place for birding with much variety.  I used to go there quite often in my earlier years as it was an excellent spot for shorebirds.  Not so in recent years due to phragmites growth!
It was almost a year ago that a Franklin's Gull showed up there, so you never know what may appear.

Green Herons probably nest in the area as many have been sighted recently.

Skies were gloomy as I left Sarnia, so I did not do much after that on a typical weekend day.
A brief stop at Moore WMA revealed nothing.  Some Purple Coneflower is blooming near the parking lot.

Today I decided to check out Rondeau.  It was uncomfortably hot and humid, but that has been the norm this summer.  I did not really come across any migrant warblers.  Often by this time of year I have seen a variety.
Hardly anything was moving on the lake.  This time of year we can possibly see many Little Gulls, but there were none today.
I did hear the lonely White-winged Dove at one point, so it is still around!

I came across a couple of Red-headed Woodpeckers along Harrison Trail. One was an immature, while this one was an adult.

Cylindrical Blazing Star is just coming into bloom in the dune areas.

I checked the beach area along south point and saw only a couple of Sanderlings and a Semipalmated Plover.
Of interest, was this alien craft on the beach.


  1. It is surprising that so few LIGU have been seen in southwestern ON this you said, there should be a few around right now! What do they know that we don't (ok....probably a lot, but....)?

    1. Every year is different. Back on July 25, 2009, I saw 12 Little Gulls off the east side of south point!.