Saturday, July 30, 2016

A Pelee Visit and other Sightings

Today I headed to Point Pelee, but first stopped at Blenheim Lagoons.  The weather was a bit iffy, but as usual, it deteriorated just in time for the weekend.  There were some bouts of sun while at Pelee which I took advantage of while there.
The most numerous butterfly at Point Pelee was Giant Swallowtail.  The most notable was a Little Yellow along west beach trail.  It kept on motoring south, so I never got a photo!

Nothing of note was at Blenheim.  A few days ago an American Avocet showed up, but of course was long gone by this weekend.  I could have seen it later in the day it was present, but did not bother heading down due to the time of day.

Just south of Hillman, were 4 Sandhill Cranes in a wheat field.  They were just taking off when I returned after lunch.  Sandhill Cranes seem to be everywhere these days.  Lots are around Wallaceburg right now.

At Pelee, there were hundreds gulls and a fair bit of action at the Tip.  Upon arrival at the Tip, a Northern Waterthrush was on the rocks--a species I fully expected to see at this point.

Some juvenile Black Terns were around among the many Common Terns and Bonaparte's Gulls.

The most notable gull was an adult Little Gull heading east which I saw only briefly.  I was not in a position to get a decent photo.

For the ship buffs, the Manitoulin was going through Pelee passage, then turned towards Cleveland.

I walked back up west beach trail while there was a bit of sun.  I only saw one skipper among the swallowtails, etc.

I checked out De Laurier as well.  It was 15 years ago (August 4) that a Gray Kingbird was there, so you never know what may be around!

After a Perch dinner at the "red bus", I headed over to Hillman Marsh under gloomy skies (must be the weekend!).  I went to a spot where Broad-winged Skippers are reliable and found a half dozen.

That was about it for today!

Swamp Rose Mallow
Pickeral weed


  1. I am puzzled by that skipper at West Beach. Worn Dun or Broken Dash?

    1. Obviously worn, and I thought broken dash at the time. That is why I just said skipper!