Sunday, August 14, 2016

Weekend-North and South

Saturday morning I headed to north Lambton County.  The weather was not too desirable for being out, but at least we got some much-needed rain.
I first stopped at Wawanosh Wetlands at the east end of Sarnia.  Some shorebirds were near the parking lot.

Wawanosh used to be a premier spot for shorebirds until the phragmites took over. It could be again if only we could remove the phrag!


I checked a bit of Howard Watson Trail as well.  Recently, some Comet Darners were just west of Modeland Road, but I did not see any.  Not the greatest weather (Oh, it is the weekend!).  They are rare in Ontario and can frequent borrow pits.  The ones at Sarnia were along an old quarry at Blackwell Trails.

I then headed up to Port Franks. I walked the County Forest.  It was rather quiet, but I did come across a lingering Hooded Warbler.  As well, an Acadian Flycatcher made an appearance.  It was too dark for trying to photograph anything in the woods.

Rough Blazing Star

On the way home, I stopped at Nicholl's Memorial Forest near Wilkesport.  Lots of butterflies were out while we had some sun.

Common Wood-Nymph
Eastern Tailed-Blue

The planting area is always nice to walk through.  Spiked Blazing Star was past its prime.  Lots of Ironweed was out among some other plants.

Culver's Root

Sunday I decided to go to Point Pelee.  Things were quiet at the Tip first thing, but soon picked up.  Nothing too noteworthy.  A Common Loon was noted flying south at one point in the distance.

I checked out Sparrow Field and quite a few birds were milling about.  Mostly Yellow Warblers, but I did see a Nashville among them.

I walked back west beach trail hoping for some butterflies.  Not too many were around.....again!
I saw my second-only Common Buckeye of the year.

Lots of Wandering Gliders were flying about.

After a quick lunch, I stopped at Wheatley.  The lake was very calm and littered with gulls and terns.  Well over 1000 were there.  Of note was was an all-white large gull.  It looked a bit larger than Herring, but I hesitated in calling it a Glaucous due to the distance and heat haze.

It is in the centre!

It was quite impressive to see so many gulls.

Feeding Frenzy


  1. Your gull could be a Glaucous as one was spotted yesterday at the Wheatley harbour. Also, how are the flies around the tip? I went a few years back and they were horrible.

    1. I assumed it was Glaucous, but it was quite distant and I am always cautious!
      There were a few Stable Flies at the Tip.They were biting like crazy and very annoying!