Friday, August 12, 2016

In the Heat of the Day

Work was very slow today, so I took off during the noon hour.  I think today was the worst day of this summer drought.  It has been a long time since we have seen hot and dry conditions like this summer!  Everything is burnt to a crisp, but as I write this we finally got a bit of rain.  It has virtually not rained all summer and this weekend is the one where we do not rain.  It is WAMBO time in Wallaceburg!

In local sightings, heading to work this morning, some Sandhill Cranes were in the fields along Langstaff Line, as they usually are this time of year.  Ten were near the west end.

After lunch, I headed over to Reid CA for a bit of a walk.  Lots of Silver-spotted Skippers are out right now, as are Giant Swallowtails and summer crescents.

I walked into the forest to check an area for Dukes' Skippers.  None were there.  Nearby I admired the tall oaks.

Nothing was at the "Broad-winged Skipper area" either.

Near the gate, I walked in to the shaded sedges.

I did manage to find a single worn Dukes' Skipper.

Royal River Cruisers are plentiful right now.  Last evening I saw at least a dozen along the main trail through Reid.

Here are a few other scenes from my recent trip to Muskoka.  I did not take many photos on the trip--just enjoyed the scenery and wildlife.

View from McIntyre dock of Lake Muskoka

Guest Cabin at McIntyre Cottage
Ian investigating the speedboat!

Sundew at Torrence Barrens

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