Monday, July 18, 2016

Sewage Lagoons to Sedge Skippers

On Sunday I decided to drive up to Mitchell to check out the West Perth Wetlands.  It is always worth a stop when in the area. Many swallows were swirling around, but shorebirds were the attraction.

I found lots of the expected species present, including a large number of Lesser Yellowlegs.

Solitary Sandpipers were numerous--I counted 10, but I am sure there were a few more.

There was nothing of note, but you never know until you check it out.  Best bird I have seen there in the past was a Marbled Godwit.

I was there just before 09:00, but it appeared that more birds came in by early afternoon according to Jarmo's report
I will be stopping in again August 4 when I head up to Muskoka.

Strathroy was basically on the way home, so I stopped in at the sewage lagoons.  The two large ponds are easily accessible to the public off Pike Road.  It can be a productive place with lots of variety. The one pond has some mud and several Least Sandpipers were present.
Again, you never know until you check it out.  A few years ago I stopped in and found an Avocet!

There are other birds around the perimeter of the lagoons.  There are some woods to the east.  As well, it is a good place for butterflies.
A couple of Wild Indigo Duskywings were present.

I also found several Milbert's Tortoiseshells.  They are common here with the abundance of nettles.

A stop at Reid CA was in order before I got home.  It was productive as Dukes' Skippers were finally on the wing!  I found them in two separate locations.

Broad-winged Skippers were also flying in the old oxbow.  However, I could not get any photos since they never settled down.

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