Monday, July 11, 2016

Saturday Crop Tour

Saturday, I had plans to check out some familiar sites in southern Lambton County.  It started out clear, but quickly clouded over making the day overcast and rather dreary.  There was supposed to be quite a bit of sun, but as usual......

First stop was Dow Wetlands.  There has only been one Upland Sandpiper reported there off and on this year, but I could not even find it.  Perhaps more are on the other side of the road.

Next stop was the old landfill along Blackwell Road.  I found the Dickcissels on the north slope.

I came up with three males and one female.  Difficult to say if others are present.

I had plans to look for butterflies and dragonflies at various spots, but with the heavy overcast, hardly anything was found!
A stop at Reid CA revealed zero hairstreaks as strange as that may seem!  Idid not stay long.

A Peck's Skipper was along the main path.

With the lack of sightings, needless to say, the day did not live up to my expectations!

Appalachian Brown

During butterfly counts, one always looks for other things.  Yesterday at Rondeau there were quite a few Common Terns and Bonaparte's Gulls along the east side, but I did not really have time to look at them.  We have had Little Gulls before at this time, so who knows what was there.

We encountered this katydid along south point trail.

Many years ago we found a pink katydid, but unfortunately I did not have the camera on hand at that time.

Shorebirds are showing up in good numbers, but I have seen none yet!  I did not have time to check out Blenheim yesterday, but Allen Woodliffe reported a decent number.
There is not much habitat (mudflats) around this year due to the high water levels.

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