Saturday, July 2, 2016

Ojibway (WIndsor) Butterfly Count

Today was the annual butterfly count at Ojibway.  I have done most of the counts since 2006.  That year was a banner year when we had 51 of the 52 species recorded on the count.  However, this year it was slim pickings.
The count is good for sedge skippers (not this year!) and other uncommon species.  Our usual route is Brunet Park and the Spring Garden area.
There were many fewer participants this year and we stopped early.

At Brunet Park, we found a few hairstreaks, but it took a while!  There were several Hickory near the end of the walk.


We also recorded Coral, Edwards', Acadian, and Banded.




It was not until I got home and brought up one of my photos that revealed a very worn Striped.  We do not always get Striped, so that was nice.

Striped (very worn!)

We often record Dukes' Skipper at Brunet, but they are conspicuously absent so far this year.

Other skippers included several very worn Hobomok, a Peck's, Silver-spotted, Little Glassy-wing, Delaware, Least and of course Northern Broken -Dash and European.

Little Glassywing

On to the Spring Garden complex.

Good Meadow at Spring Garden!

We found lots of Edwards', come Coral, Banded and Acadian.

Coral vs Edwards'


Butterfly Milkweed is not abundant this year and one plant had ten Edwards' plus a Coral upon it.

The only Sedge Skipper was Black Dash.

The "hill" area usually has lots of Wild Indigo Duskywings, but we only found 3 this year.
Swallowtails were scarce with only 2 Tiger and 1 Black.

In any case, it is always worth the trip!

Edwards' Hairstreak

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