Friday, July 1, 2016

Canada Day Crop Tour

Today I went up into Lambton County and checked some familiar spots.  We recieved a much-needed rain early this morning so things were rather damp to start and limited my activity.
While the rain was getting over-with, I walked Nicholl's Memorial Forest at Wilkesport.  Not as much variety of birds are there this year compared to last.

The first major stop was the old Blackwell Landfill at Sarnia.  Dickcissels are there this year as I mentioned previously.

As far as I could tell, there were two pairs and possibly a third male.  The birds were moving around quite a bit, so difficult to keep track.

Sarnia birder, Deryl Nethercott, also stopped by to check out the Dickcissels.  No Grasshopper Sparrows seem to be on the old landfill this year, but of course are in the adjacent solar farm as we saw Tuesday.

Next walk was at McKellar Tract on Bickford Line.  I wanted to check out an area of small spruces for Clay-colored Sparrow, but nothing was there.  One was there a few years ago.  I did not find much in the way of birds and got soaked to the bone in the process walking through the grasses and weeds!
I had a Dickcissel there briefly during the last incursion of the species a few years ago.

A brief stop at Moore WMA revealed very little.  It is a good spot for hairstreaks, but perhaps it was too wet.  I would have gone farther if we had not received the rain this morning.

A stop at McKeough CA was on the agenda as well.  No dragonflies!  It is certainly a poor year for them at least in these parts.  Flag-tailed Spinyleg should be out be now.
I saw the first Delaware Skippers of the year there.  (Do not try and find these within Point Pelee N.P., LOL!).

Delaware Skippers

The longest walk was at Reid CA.  Maybe it is a local thing, but hairstreaks are all over the place.

Edwards' Hairstreak

I found two Southern (Oak) Hairstreaks among the many Banded.  I have now seen 20 of the rare hairstreaks this year!  Best year since my discovery in 2008.

A rather fresh Royal River Cruiser was nearby as well.

I did a thorough check for Dukes' Skippers, but they just are not out yet.  Still early though.

Late yesterday afternoon I stopped at Reid CA as well.  Two Southern Hairstreaks were evident on that outing.

Edwards' Hairstreak

Saturday is the Ojibway butterfly count and I will be there!

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