Friday, June 3, 2016

Some Recent Observations

We are now well into the breeding season, but obviously there are still good birds out there.  Some excitement was at Rondeau Park yesterday, June 2, with the discovery of a Townsend's Warbler by Steve Charbonneau.  Some photos can be seen on the eBird lists.

Rondeau has had a few Townsend's Warblers over the years.  I did not rush down to see yesterday's bird, as it was indeed a weekday and I was at work.  Not a total loss since I have seen two at Rondeau in the past.

Rondeau records:
The first Townsend's was in May 1984 before I started birding.  I believe that one was on south point trail.
The second was on spicebush trail in May 1994.  I did manage to see that one.
The third was 5 May 2007 when Garry Sadler photographed one (inadvertently!) along Bennett Ave.
The next was May 2009 along Harrison Trail from maintenance to pony barn area.  That one was quite co-operative for many to see.  I saw this one as well.
Then yesterday's, which was certainly a surprise and stayed for most of the day for many to see.

Dawn Patrol at Rondeau (photo by Mike Irwin)
(no Townsend's Warbler there!)

This past Monday I needed some fresh air and went out to Mitchell's Bay. I just walked the shore trail and sat on the dock for a while. 
A Trumpeter Swan has been hanging around for some time.  It was not too close for me, but I got some record photos.

Black-bellied Plover were still migrating in good numbers.  I saw close to 100 heading north over the lake.

No plover here!  A blimp was on the Detroit horizon though!

At the dock, I was entertained by about a dozen Gar Pike.  They varied in size.

I also saw a Spiny Soft-shell turtle, but did not get the camera on it in time.

A Common Loon has found a nice place to hang out at Port Lambton.  I have not bothered to take a photo, but it is there every morning just off Brander Park.  There was one a couple of weeks ago, so I assume it is the same individual.

Dickcissels have once again returned to Wheatley beside Camper's Cove Road.  The last couple of days only one has been reported, but likely more are present.  I was out driving around Wednesday evening and ended up there to see one bird!
Not much was happening at Wheatley Harbour.  A few Sanderlings, a Least and a few Semipalmated Sandpipers were working the beach.

Onions Anyone?


  1. I have never been to the Dickcissel spot east of Wheatley LOL.

    1. You do not know what you are missing! LOL.