Saturday, June 4, 2016

Pelee Prizes

I motored on down to Essex County today, visiting Hillman Marsh and Point Pelee.  It was a decent day for a change!  After stopping at the Dickcissel site east of Wheatley, I headed to Hillman Marsh to check out the shorebird cell.  Nothing unusual was there but a few late shorebirds.
While I was there, Dan Greenham posted about 3 American White Pelicans at Pelee's Tip.  I made a beeline to Point Pelee!
Upon arrival at the Tip, the pelicans had flown way out in the lake east of the Tip, but were still visible.  Eventually they came back!

They stayed at the Tip for some time affording excellent views.

There was quite a bit of gull activity.  I had thoughts of a Laughing Gull--I found one 13 June last year at the Tip.  I mentioned this to Dan.  About ten minutes later, a hooded gull flew in from the west all alone.  I just happened to put my binoculars on it and noted that this was not a Bonaparte's!  A Franklin's Gull flew right in front of us and stayed for some time.

The pelicans even came into the same view.

Gulls continued to be active, but no other interesting ones came in.

I walked back towards the VC and looped around Woodland Trail.  A male Prothonotary Warbler was singing on the big slough. A female is apparently around, so they are likely nesting in a cavity.

After some lunch, I checked out Hillman shorebird cell once again.  More shorebirds seemed to be in, including a Greater Yellowlegs.

Horrible record shot!

Nine Great Egrets were there as well.

A Few Egrets

Upon walking away, I caught sight of a lep.  I assume this is a Common Ringlet.  I have never seen one so dark, but apparently they can be found in a dark form.  I would certainly welcome opinions as it looks odd to me.  They are uncommon in Essex County.


  1. I expect the pelicans would feel quite at home in the presence of a Franklin's Gull....and vice versa!

    1. I thought so too! The one pelican swam over to investigate the Franklin's!

  2. Definitely worth mentioning that the Franklin's Gull was an ADULT. As such, it is extremely late for this age class.

    1. It was certainly a surprise to see this immaculate adult at this time. Should be out west!

  3. Such a lovely series of photos!