Sunday, April 10, 2016

A Winter-Like Spring Day in South Lambton

Yet another blog post to keep Uncle Paul happy in Sarnia....
The weather was even worse today!  However, I was out in the freezing weather this morning before the snow and high winds came.  A change in scenery was in order today, so I went up to Dow Wetlands near Sarnia.  Brrrr...I remember better weather in January.

The Dow Wetlands at the corner of LaSalle Line and Highway 40 is a neat place with a variety of habitat.  It is one of the last good areas for grassland birds in the vicinity.  Eastern Meadowlarks are always around.  I saw/heard a few today.

Savannah Sparrows like the place and a few have already been on territory this week.
Later I found a couple feeding along the St. Clair River shoreline at Sombra.

Soon Upland Sandpipers will be around the place.

Northern Bobwhite used to be in the locale, but have not been seen for a few years.

Some Wilson's Snipes were present this morning and a group of four flushed up from beside the laneway.
Just before leaving this morning, I checked out the ponds area where there are some small trees and shrubs.  Some Cedar Waxwing were feeding on berries.  I thought there were about ten, but eventually at least 40 came out of nowhere and took off.

Various ducks can be found at the wetlands.

Mallard X Black hybrid

Blue-winged Teal

Down LaSalle Line, there is a wet spot which of course is frozen this weekend.  Wood Ducks were bewildered.

I decided to head down the St. Clair River.  I do not often check out the river at this time of year, but what else to do in this weird weather?  You do not see many ducks this time of year, but loons and grebes are in migration.  I did see several Common Loons, usually singles in various locations.

All last week, a Common Loon was hanging out on the Snye at MacDonald Park beside Stewart Wetland.  It obviously found a good feeding spot, as one day I arrived and saw a sizable fish in its bill.

While Common Mergansers seem to be the most plentiful duck, a few Long-tailed Ducks are still on the river, but too distant to photograph today.

There have been lots of Bonaparte's Gulls on the river the past week and today was no exception.  No rarities with them though!  The bonies have certainly been the most common gull lately.

This large tree at Branton-Cundick Park is an Eastern Cottonwood.  Its dbh is somewhere around 7' I am told.

The feeders were very busy today and all of the last week.  I usually take down the sunflower seed feeder by this time as it is not needed.  It is coming down anyway as I am out of seeds!  (Not my fault the weather is out of whack, lol).


  1. Hi there, just found your awesome blog. New to birding and live in Oxford county. I found a place called Joany's Woods and was wondering if you'd recommend it? Want to take my family on a hike Saturday , someplace with a variety of birds. If you have any recommendations I'd love to hear what's good this time of year. Thanks so much. R.

    1. Joany's Woods is a neat place. It is a bit early to find a lot of birds, but I do recommend it. Trails are well-marked.