Saturday, April 9, 2016

A Winter-like Spring Day at Rondeau

There was some snow on the ground down Rondeau-way this morning.  Nothing at home!

Some Hermit Thrushes have finally come in, and Fox Sparrows remain plentiful.

The sun eventually came out to help warm things up.  With the weather forecast jumping all over the place every few hours, one did not know what to expect.
One fresh spring Yellow-rumped Warbler was on south point trail--first migrant of that species I have seen this spring.

The lake was not too active today, so nothing to report there.

Tulip Tree trail was rather quiet.  This winter wren was checking out a boardwalk area.

Lots of Eastern Phoebes were scattered throughout the park.

After more than three hours in the park, I headed over to Erieau.  There was some activity at the pier area, so I sat there for over an hour.  The Harlequin Ducks were once again present beyond the rock pile.

After some time, I managed to spot the early Willet that Allen Woodliffe reported yesterday.  It was working the beach on the Rondeau side.  It was rather distant, but certainly stood out.

It is certainly many days early and perhaps a provincially record early arrival.

The marina was loaded with Horned Grebes and Red-breasted Mergansers among other ducks.

A male Long-tailed Duck was also present but I could not get a photo.

One of these days we will have some warm spring weather again.  It seemed better in January!


  1. Nice to see a migrant warbler again! And I'm glad you and Steve got to see the Willet. That upturned mossy tree root along Tuliptree Trail looks a little frostier than it has done lately.

    1. The odd Yellow-rumped is popping up. Certainly one would think that we would have more warblers, etc. by this time given the past winter. However, the seasons seemed mixed up! Just as well we have not seen many birds yet given the cold--they know something we do not!