Friday, March 11, 2016

This Week

Spring weather really came on this week.  It was nice to get up in the morning and hear lots of birds singing.  Swans went through in the thousands, and blackbirds were everywhere.
I did see a Snowy Owl along Langstaff Line a couple of times this week too.

Today was nice, but seemed very quiet for birds.  Since it was Friday, I headed upriver to Cathcart Park after work.  I saw about 6 ducks!  Inland there was little to see as well.

Wednesday I decided to head out to Mitchell's Bay after work.  It was a little late in the day though. The ice was mostly  gone at the Bay as one would expect, and lots of ducks are out there.

I counted 7 Bald Eagles from Dover Beach Park.  They are certainly in good numbers anymore.

It was when I got home from the Bay that I heard about Maris, so I got rather side-tracked about the day.  First thing in the morning, the hermaphrodite Mallard swam by my look-out spot at Port Lambton.

At noon Wednesday, I ate my lunch at MacDonald Park.  I was pretty sure I heard some Tree Swallows, but did not see them.  It was a very warm day, and some were spotted in Essex County.

Tomorrow looks like a decent day to be out.  Sunday looks like rain ( don't start that again!), and Monday I will be heading up to Dashwood for the funeral.  Maybe I will check for that Gyrfalcon which was still hanging around today!

M.B. photo

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