Sunday, March 13, 2016

Rondeau Ramble

Yesterday, I ventured down to Rondeau Park to see what was around.  Unfortunately, it was quite foggy for a few hours, so seeing anything in the distance was futile.
A check of south point trail was not too productive.  The campground was somewhat quiet as well.
To kill some time, I walked spicebush trail for the first time this year.  Perhaps in a couple of weeks, a Louisiana Waterthrush will be chipping away there!

I really wanted to walk marsh trail this day, but the fog put a damper on it first thing.  I like to get out there this time of year for a long walk to work off some excess winter fat!  It looked like it was going to clear, so I started out on the trail.  As I went along, it got clearer and clearer and the sun came out.  I could see some ducks close in, but eventually the clearing trend revealed thousands of ducks.

Ducks in the Fog

Near the start of the trail, was a Tundra Swan that was not quite up to snuff.

I was hoping to find the Eurasian Wigeon that Allen Woodliffe spotted the other day, but there were actually very few wigeon this day.  Scaup seemed to be the duck of the day.

There was a good variety of ducks out there, but nothing in the rare department.

Wrong Kind of Wigeon

Farther out, I heard Sandhill Cranes and eventually one lazily flew by.

It circled and two more got up to join it in flight.  They are probably nesting out there once again.
A couple of Bald Eagles were perched in the cormorant nesting area in the distance.

Often one can find a meadowlark or two out there at this time of year.  That was not to be yesterday, and in fact I have not come across one yet this year despite lots of driving.

I walked as far as Long Pond which is around 5 km out.

This is usually as far as we walk during the Big Day in May.

I checked Blenheim Lagoons as well and Ring-necked Ducks were numerous there, as well as a good number of Northern Shoveler.

Most of the Tundra Swans seemed to have moved through already as Rondeau`s Wings of Spring continues this week.

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