Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Ducks Dawn & Dusk

A good number of ducks are all along the St. Clair River at present.  This morning, I found quite a number (mostly Redhead of course) at Port Lambton.

They like to stream along the edge of the ice and swim upriver.

After work today, it was such a nice day I decided to head upriver to Corunna where there is lots of activity.  The ducks (mainly Common Goldeneye) that feed in mid-river during the day, head close to shore at sunset.

I met up with Mike Bouman, Josh Bouman and Ed Lavender at the Guthrie Park parking lot.  We sat in our well-positioned cars to observe the show.
At one point we saw a Red Fox out on the ice off Stag Island.  Ducks were the highlight.

Our hopes were to see "Bago", but he never showed today.  He was likely in the neighbourhood though.  His friends and relatives were having fun though.

The Common Goldeneye X Hooded Merganser showed very briefly, but just as it arrived, something spooked the bunch and they all took off.

The usual variety of ducks was present plus geese and swans.  Mute Swan #M031 has made it to Guthrie Park!  It does get around.

It was fun to watch the ducks at dusk this evening.

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