Monday, November 16, 2015

Post Weekend Report

Since the weekend was over, it was very calm this morning.  The usual (~70) Sandhill Cranes flew over Stewart Wetland just after 7 a.m.  One wonders how long they will stick around.

I was anxious to see what turned up at Rondeau today.  A report by Steve Charbonneau indicated 5 Franklin's Gulls at dog beach early this morning.  Some are still around.  A few were reported near Blenheim Lagoons yesterday as well.  I never got to Blenheim yesterday, but the gulls were not surprising.

The Sarnia Bird

A good write-up on the Franklin's Gulls is on the ABA site:

I recall the last big invasion in 1998. I never had the time to cash in on going out and finding any Franklin's Gulls, but it was a similar weather system.
A Cattle Egret was just outside Rondeau on that weekend.

I do recall a very late American Avocet at Rondeau (I think it made it to the CBC!) that fall.

The Wilson's Warbler was refound on south point trail this morning.  Needless to say, the late date is extended!
Some of these warblers that linger this late may not migrate and meet their fate when the cold and lack of food gets to them.

Warbler Hunting

On the weekend I took a look at the east side of Rondeau.  The storm back in early October changed the scenery along the shorelines.  Some of the benches are buried!

And picnic tables....

Here is some ground fungus I found in the campground. Some type of birds' nest fungus I guess.

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