Sunday, November 15, 2015

Another Late Warbler

Back to Rondeau Park again this morning!  The lakewatch at Dog Beach was a little more interesting as there were many Bonaparte's streaming by first thing.  However, it was still somewhat dark!

Loons and grebes were fewer in number.  The only different duck was a male Ring-necked swimming nearby.
At one point, we noticed a flock of gulls heading inland over the park.  They looked suspiciously like Franklin's (a few Ring-billed mixed in as well), and indeed they were Franklin's.
A while later after Allen Woodliffe arrived, another but smaller group of Franklin's headed over the park. A conservative estimate by Steve, all totaled, was 26.
These two groups were taking a different route than the other gulls, which generally stayed over the lake.

Things dropped off quickly, so we headed over to south point trail.  There were fewer birds today, perhaps because of the wind.  We still had several Ruby--crowned Kinglets and a few Yellow-rumped.

Near the washout, we checked some dogwoods and found a Gray Catbird.  Some attempt to winter or stay late, but still, neat to see at this date.

On the return walk, a yellowish warbler was spotted in some tangles.  Could it be the Blackburnian from last week?  No, it was a Northern Parula!  This one exceeds the late date for the Rondeau birding area by ten days.  If you recall, I found a male at Erieau which stayed until November 5 (exceeding the late date by one day at that time).

We never got a good photo before it was lost to sight.

The campground, as usual for this time of year, was the next stop.  It was quite active compared to yesterday with several kinglets (two Ruby), Yellow-rumped Warblers and Cedar Waxwings.

No waxwings with cinnamon butts!

Unlike last year, we are not seeing Orange-crowned Warblers.  Will we get one or two later?

After parting ways, I decided to head back to south point trail, just like yesterday.  I met up with Garry Sadler.  We eventually refound the Northern Parula.  It was very active and I could not get a decent photo.

We had extended views of the bird before it disappeared farther back.

Some butterflies were out today.  I saw at least 3 Eastern Commas in the park, a Monarch along McKinley Line, and a possible Buckeye (going too fast!) along Scane Road.

Another great birding weekend in the bag!


  1. Another big storm coming later this week. I hope you don't catch the "bird flu" again!

    1. Now that you mention it, I am not feeling so well right now.