Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Morning Scenes

It has certainly been dead calm the last couple of days with record high temps.  This morning I checked out Stewart Wetland first thing.

Sandhill Cranes were on the move--the first I have seen in a while.  Typically, large groups collect in the fields west of Wallaceburg in the fall.
There was a flock of approximately 20 to the SE and another flock of the same size to the north this morning as I walked at the wetland.

There was one of those "continuous" blackbird flocks of several thousand going over this morning, but it was heading SW.  Usually they head NE off Walpole to feed in the fields, or whatever they do, then head back SW in the evening.

After this walk, I checked out Brander Park.  It has been quiet this week.  A Merlin was out along the river shoreline.

I also saw a Northern Shrike.

Just before I got back to the car, I noticed this new sign.  My name was on it!  I do not remember anyone asking me about using a photo, but maybe I forgot. That is OK, I am glad they made use, and acknowledged my photo.
And, they also mentioned my Ivory Gull!  (those were the days).

In other news, that Northern Parula is still at Erieau.  It was seen this morning, and ties the record late date for Rondeau birding area.  It will likely stay around due to the weather.
Other birds are lingering as well.  Steve Charbonneau found a Blackburnian Warbler at Rondeau Park this morning.  (a photo is on his eBird list today).  It is second latest, as there was one later 50 years ago!  Dennis Rupert had one 11 November 1965.

Saturday should be interesting with the change in weather...I hope.


  1. An interesting sign indeed. I wish Leamington would do such things for areas around here!

    1. Seems to be more and more of these types of signs going up in various places.

  2. Congrats on your photo being used on the sign !
    It's a lovely park.