Thursday, November 5, 2015

More Morning Trivia

Stewart Wetland

This morning I started out once again at Stewart Wetland.  Not as many birds, but the Sandhill Cranes headed east on schedule.  This time I counted one big flock of 71.  Rather distant for the G16 camera though.

Intrigued by yesterday's finding at Brander Park, I checked out the other interpretive signs at Brander Park.  There are several on different themes.
After walking past the one of birds that I showed yesterday, I saw this one on passenger ships.  The photos are from my father's collection at the Sombra Museum.

Another sign was about Baby Point (pronounced Bawbee).  I have mentioned this before as Brander Park location was the oldest settlement in the area dating back to the mid 1700's.

View from Baby Point

Other signs were on the Prohibition days (rum running!) and shoreline rehabilitation.  I thought the most interesting one was this one on Maud Menten.  Obviously a very scholarly lady!  Read it for yourself.

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