Friday, October 2, 2015

OFO Convention Weekend!

It is here.  The annual convention of the Ontario Field Ornithologists is currently being held at Point Pelee.  Looks like an interesting weekend, and several good birds have already been reported as birders shake the bushes.
This time of year is good for rare to uncommon birds, and certainly lake watches are in order.

Although out of the convention jurisdiction, at least two Sabine's Gulls were at Erieau this morning, and one further west towards Erie Beach this afternoon.  Dark birds that really stand out!

Photos courtesy Steve Charbonneau

Sparrows are moving through and one has to look out for Nelson's or Le Conte's.  I have not seen those ammodramus sparrows yet this fall.  The last couple of days or so birds have been hunkered down to some extent due to the strong NE winds and a challenge to seek out.

White-crowned Sparrows
White-crowned and White-throated are working their way through the shrubbery.

Tons of Yellow-rumped Warblers are now moving through, but one has to look out for other species, now less common.  Today I saw the first Orange-crowned of the season at Peers Wetland.

I have been seeing several Eastern Phoebes lately and still the odd Eastern Wood Peewee.

Hopefully a 'good' flycatcher will be found this weekend.  We do not particularly need a Say's Phoebe in our area (LOL), but some sort of kingbird would be nice!

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