Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Tuesday Tidbits

Autumn-like weather arrived to day and obviously some decent birds as well according to the reports.

Sunday I ended up at Point Pelee and did a lakewatch, but of course it was somewhat non-productive.  Weekends are not working out for lakewatches!

I looked for some butterflies, but even they were scarce.  Tons of Short's Aster out right now.

There were not very many passerines either, so I went on to Blenheim lagoons.  It was nice to find two Red-necked Phalaropes.  I decided to leave the big camera at home for a change since I had been lugging it around every day in the past week.  It tried to digiscope the phalaropes, but they are certainly small creatures on a big pond!

Lots of Redhead were at the lagoons, perhaps over 100 mixed in with the other ducks.  Willie the Willet was hiding while I was there, but was apparently seen later in the afternoon.

I did see two Common Checkered-Skippers while at the lagoons. The first was a female.

And certainly, late Sunday evening I watched the moon eclipse.  I should have prepared the camera for better photos.

"Blood" Moon

Monday morning a few birds were at Peers Wetland at first light, including a Wood Thrush making its typical noises. A couple of Black-crowned Night-herons are still hanging out, while a Sora was calling in the marsh.

Today turned windy and was good at the Sarnia lakewatch, but of course I could not get up there.  This evening I went for a walk along the McKeough outlet before heading into Sombra to listen to a talk on the Duc D'Orleans by Ken Bracewell.

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