Monday, July 13, 2015

Sunday: Sandpipers to Spinylegs

Sunday, I wanted to check spots north of town for insects, but I mostly found mosquitoes!  The weather was just plain crappy in the morning for that endeavour.  My first main walk was at Dow Wetlands just to look for birds instead.
Sometimes Dow can be good for shorebirds in drier years.  The pond at 'Doug's Lookout' at least had some sandpipers.  Least Sandpipers that is. Fall migrants indeed!

The usual Killdeer and Spotted were there as well, but overhead was circling an Upland Sandpiper. Another was in the grass nearby.

I stopped at some other spots to look for things, but it was fruitless due to the weather.  I wanted to check McKeough for the Flag-tailed Spinylegs, but no dragons were flying!
I made a brief stop at Reid CA and found a few hairstreaks among other butterflies.

Edwards' Hairstreak
Appalachian Browns interacting

Broad-winged Skippers should be out by now, but there were too many mosquitoes in their habitat to look for any amount of time.
I did have  fleeting glimpse of a Dukes' Skipper near the entrance to the CA.  Even they are scarcer this year.

European Skipper

Some time after lunch, the sun finally did come out, so back I went to McKeough.  Sure enough, I found at least 3 Flag-tailed Spinylegs.  One obviously had just emerged recently.

The first one I confirmed (a couple large dragons got away earlier), was having a late lunch of Euro Skipper.

I have not heard any results from the weekend butterfly counts (and probably won't!), but the weather was not ideal yesterday morning for the Rondeau count.

Pumpkinseed (?) Taylor's Pond

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  1. Yes it is a Pumpkinseed, and it looks like a good sized one as that species goes. I'll try and remember to send you the results of the butterfly count, assuming I get them myself!