Friday, July 17, 2015

July 17 Update

As the rainy season continues, time marches on.  It has been a long time since the water levels have been as high as they are right now.  It just will not quit raining!

I stopped at Reid CA very briefly the last couple of days late in the afternoon. Not much to be seen as the hairstreaks, for example, are getting fewer.  The only rare sighting yesterday was Allen Woodliffe, on his way home from a day out!

Tiger Swallowtail

I checked for Broad-winged Skippers with no luck.  Normally one can walk around but this year there is way too much water.

Summer Azure

A couple of Royal River Cruisers were patrolling the trails on my visits.
There is a good crop of Dun Skippers this year, if nothing else.

Today I caught sight of  a Pileated Woodpecker at Reid.  It is a rare event in the Wallaceburg area!  Last year I heard one, which was the first I have ever had for the Wallaceburg 'circle'.

Down at Peers Wetland, the Common Gallinules have successfully fledged 4 young.  I saw them a couple of days ago.  Nice to see!
Today, I could only see three, but the fourth was somewhat hidden.

Hopefully the little ones will survive.

Fall migrants are continuing south as the shorebirds and other birds appear. I have not had time to look for any shorebirds, but here are lots of wet areas in fields with all this rain.
Several Caspian Terns and Bonaparte's Gulls were heading south on the St. Clair River today.
In noticed the male Canvasback was still hanging around Courtright gravel dock yesterday afternoon.

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