Monday, July 6, 2015

Skunk's Butterfly Summary

A brief summary from Ann White:

Yesterday in warm, sunny weather we held our count.
35 participants counted 53 species. Highlights, apart from a great BBQ at the end, were American Snout, Aphrodite, (rare here), Compton's Tortoiseshell and Hackberry Emperor. Large numbers include Cabbage White 295, Tawny Emperor 87, Little Wood Satyr 694, Wood Nymph 353 and European Skipper 814. Disappointing was no Spicebush Swallowtails were seen and only 1 Lady out of both species.
25 Monarchs with 7 caterpillars and 1 chrysalis.
Ann White


  1. Sandy and I enjoyed the Skunks Misery count on Sunday -- thanks for sharing-- I learned a lot. Ric & Sandy Symmes

    1. It was a pleasure having you along for the afternoon!