Friday, July 10, 2015

July 10 Update: Insects and Plants

Been a busy week so I have not been out too much.  One brief stop at McKeough and another at Reid CA did not reveal much though.  This very damp weather has hampered butterfly life, or so it seems.
As mentioned before, dragonflies area scarce.  I did see one Pronghorn Clubtail at McKeough the other day.
 Dun Skippers were plentiful today.

I had one brief look at a Dukes' Skipper today.  Lots of water this year, so I could not get close without boots.

Broad-winged Skippers should be appearing at Reid soon.  Here is the habitat.

Only a few hairstreaks comprising Edwards' and Banded.  With all the oaks at Reid, these are plentiful.

I have taken a few walks at Peers Wetland this week since it is only a few minutes from home. (Yes, I did get a new set of wheels!).

The Great Egret is still present as well as Green Herons and a couple of Black-crowned Night-Herons.

The Common Gallinule pair seems to be missing!
Some prairie-type plantings are along the road to attract wildlife.  Wild Burgemot is now in bloom.

Everything is so lush with all the rain this year.  I have thrown a few seeds in the garden over the  years and let nature take its course.  The Black-eyed Susan and Purple Coneflower is doing better this year.

Some insects visiting the flowers:

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