Saturday, July 4, 2015

Rondeau Rambles and Hairstreak Hunting

I thought it would be nice to check out Rondeau this morning.  I have not been there in a few weeks and the last time it rained.  First thing, I heard a couple of the territorial Acadian Flycatchers from Bennett Road.
I walked the east side of south point trail to the washout.  And it was washout bigtime!

With the weather nonsense a week ago, Rondeau has shrunk considerably again.  As I rounded the corner, I knew something was missing.  My pine tree was gone (not surprisingly)!


I looked closer and there was absolutely no sign of it.  That shows the power of the waves and wind.

I walked further on the trail (or what is left of it) and .....

No Kidding!

Another bench has succumbed.  This bench was back quite a ways from the shoreline a couple years ago.

The erosion is revealing things from the past.  This concrete foundation was something I did not know about.

I checked Dog Beach area and a few hundred gulls were to the northerly direction on the beach.  I could not get decent looks, but I did pick out an immature Little Gull at one point.

Next stop was tulip tree trail.  I was curious about the Prothonotary Warblers.  They were successful this year and I saw three fledglings.  Both parents were present as well.

After walking the TTT, I was out on Gardiner Ave when I heard a dove.  Definitely the White-winged!  I heard it several times to the south of the VC.  I went to investigate and it was coming from along Lakeshore.  I went to the spot, but by the time I got there, I did not hear it.  I turned around and then heard it towards the cottages to the north of the VC.  That was the last I heard it, and I never saw it.  However, the song was very convincing.  This bird was first reported by the McArthur's on May 25 (to 30th) then again June 24-25.  Obviously it is still present!

I was a bit too early for many butterflies, but I did check the start of marsh trail on my way out.  I saw about 12 Banded and a Hickory Hairstreak on the Common Milkweed.

Next stop was Blenheim lagoons.  The depressing sight of a flyover Lesser Yellowlegs greeted me. Not much else there except a few ducks including 3 female Hooded Mergansers.

After lunch near home, I spent an hour at Reid CA.  All kinds of Banded Hairstreaks and a few Edwards', but no others.

very worn Banded!

A Royal River Cruiser or two went by during my stay.
I checked out McKeough for a bit as well.  A couple of Banded and a Striped were there in the milkweed.

Hardly a dragonfly to be seen there today!

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