Sunday, June 7, 2015

Reid Ramble

Although the weather was great this morning, I did not get out until after lunch.  If anyone has ever had a kidney stone, you know the drill!
I took a walk through the woods at Reid CA just north of home.  This place is really a treasure with the different habitats and of forest of large oaks and walnuts and hickories.

There is a variety of habitat and I have seen over 50 species of butterflies on the property.  It is the home of Canada's only known colony of Southern (Northern Oak) Hairstreaks  which I discovered in 2008.

Reid is a good place for an abundance of hairstreaks due to all the oaks.  We should be seeing hairstreaks in about two weeks or less!

It was nice wandering through the woods, and I did not even put on mosquito repellent!

All the usual oaks are here (Red, White, Bur, Chinquapin and even Shumard).  There are some rather large Black Walnut trees as well.

One area has a nice 'cathedral' effect of oaks.

Reid was owned by two sisters (no relation to Marianne) of the Reid family who donated it to St. Clair Conservation almost ten years ago.  It was donated outright when they presented the SCRCA the donation written on a scrap piece of paper!

Along the main entrance trail today, some butterflies were out.  The crescents were out in full force and some Peck's, Hobomok and Long Dash Skippers were seen.  I saw one Juvenal's Duskywing as well.  Photos were taken with the Canon G16, so they turned out fairly well!

Long Dash

Peck's Skipper

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