Friday, June 12, 2015

Another Week in the Bag

It is almost mid June.  Winter will be coming soon!  (LOL) I like these long days and enjoy them as much as I can, but they go by quickly.

I have been quite busy at work lately and not done much after work.  Last week I spent some time out at Mitchell's Bay.  Lots of heron-type birds, including three Black-crowned Night-Herons flew by while I was sitting on the dock.

Great Egrets flew by as well.

I did go out this evening again, but it was too windy as usual to do any walking.  We are one less wetland along Angler Line as the old Curly Clark cell was drained some time ago.

Late yesterday I went for a short walk at both Reid CA and McKeough CA.  The sun was not out, so that did not help for looking at butterflies and other insects.  European Skippers are now out in numbers.

Plenty-a-Peck's Skippers right now.

Common Ringlet

Found this tiny little moth at Reid.  No idea as to ID!

Here is a view of the old oxbow section at Reid. In another month we will see Broad-winged Skippers here.  The sedges have recovered nicely after some naive ATV users did their typical damage a few years ago.

Hopefully the weather will be somewhat co-operative this weekend.  Who knows what will happen since the forecasts are almost useless!

Duthill Bridge


  1. Is that a Snowy Egret in the 3rd photo?

    1. I almost thought the same thing at first. However, I blew up the photo at home and the bill is yellow with a muddy tip from what I can see. I had no scope at the time!