Monday, May 18, 2015

Victoria Day Birding

Baby Map Turtle
It was a warm day...actually too warm this afternoon.  I did not spend as much time birding today as the past ten days have been tiring!  There was a different mix of birds it seemed today.  The afternoon got slow as a turtle.
Most of Rondeau's migrants were on the east side of the park again.
The 'later' warblers certainly increased over the last day or so as well as some flycatchers.  Finally heard an Alder today, but those 'go-to' spots for Acadian did not produce.

There are still lots of birds to come as it is only May 18 and some are late.  The holiday weekend came early this week and many birders seem to hang up their binoculars once Victoria Day passes.  Lots of Blue-headed Vireos and some Yellow-rumped and Palm are still around.  We also encountered a Pine Warbler later in the morning on south point trail.
Wilson's Warblers and Northern Parula appeared all over the place this morning.  Most were not seen due to foliage!
Steve and I walked Lakeshore Road north of Bennett and found multiple birds.  It seemed to be the most interesting area.

Later in the morning, the fog finally cleared, at least close to shore on the lake.  The lake has virtually been dead of birds the last ten days which seems very strange.  Hardly any gulls this year.

I did encounter one of our beavers again this morning.

I heard that one was sighted on tulip tree trail as well recently.

On TTT, a rather late Louisiania Waterthrush made an appearance yesterday and today, but Steve and I missed seeing it.  There are breeding records for the species at Rondeau I do believe, so it is not unusual at this time.

There are a few Prothonotary Warblers within the park.  A pair plus another male have been on TTT and we have seen one at Bennett Ave.


Another Summer Tanager was seen this morning, but again we missed it!  As usual you have to be in the right place at the right time.

Blenheim Lagoons revealed nothing of note today.  The crazy Tundra Swan is still present.

I have not seen many butterflies this spring, but they are increasing.

Eastern Tailed-Blue

This past Friday I briefly checked out Reid CA and found many fresh Juvenal's Duskywings.

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