Friday, May 22, 2015

Birds Along the Shore

Late this afternoon I went out to Mitchell's Bay.  There is always activity in the vicinity of Angler Line, and today was no exception.  Bird of the day was Black-bellied Plover.

There were hundreds of them flying around.  Most were distant massive flocks, but some were close.

Many were reported elsewhere as well, including Erieau.

Lots of Dunlin were mixed in and no doubt some Ruddy Turnstone.  I also saw Least Sandpiper and Semipalmated Plover.

Several heron-types were around including several Great Egrets.  I saw about a dozen, which is not unusual for the location.

Green Heron

I sat on the dock of the shore trail for some time.  One can get a good view, although distant, of Ticky Tacky Point.  There is always a hope for some pelicans!   That is where many were a week and a half ago.  Hundreds of birds, especially gulls, were flying about.

The only migrant warbler I encountered along the trail was a Blackpoll right beside the parking lot. It was in a shaded area, so lighting was not the best.

A couple of Blackpoll were at Brander Park today--the only migrant warbler I could find!

It has been a busy week at work, but I got out in the evenings and sometimes before work.  Shorebird habitat is good at Stewart Wetland and a variety of shorebirds has been present.  Several Short-billed Dowitchers were there yesterday.

I took a bit of a tour of the south end of Walpole Island before work yesterday.  Lots of bird song and in the midst of all that, I did hear a Northern Bobwhite.  It was probably towards the Pottawatomie Prairie on Pottawatomie Island.  I had heard that there were some present last year. (not accessible to the general public).  Try and see one though!

Many do not realize that there is an island within Walpole Island called Pottawatomie Island!


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