Sunday, May 24, 2015

North Lambton Day

For a change in pace, I headed up to Pinery/Port Franks today.  I had a feeling things would be slow along Lake Erie today and I was right.  Things were slow up at Lake Huron as well, so obviously a mass movement of birds occurred last night under the ideal conditions.
I wanted to check out butterflies anyways, as well as some different birding areas.

I first walked Riverside Trail in Pinery park, which is always the best for variety.  But, things were rather quiet and among the more common birds, I got a Mourning and a couple of Wilson's Warblers.  Often Olive-sided Flycatcher will be singing atop the snags, but not this time.

I then drove around to Cedar Trail.  Prairie Warblers were found on the extension near the dunes last week, but I could not pick out any today.  Prairie Warblers used to nest regularly at Pinery, but things changed and they have not (to my knowledge) in recent years.  We used to get them easily along the dunes of Wilderness Trail.  They could still be around though.
Wilderness Trail had lots of Pine Warblers and Ovenbirds.  These are very common in the park.

During my walks, I found dozens of Juvenal's Duskywings, and a neat little butterfly, Hoary Elfin.  I have little experience with elfins since they fly during a short time in May when we are always down on Lake Erie looking for birds at the same time.

Pinery also has Eastern Pine Elfin and Brown Elfin I do believe.
I probably saw 5 Hoary Elfins today.

Hoary Elfin

Juvenal's Duskywing

A FOY Giant Swallowtail flew by me on Wilderness Trail.

Different dragonflies are now coming out and I saw a few today.

Four-spotted Skimmer

Dot-tailed Whiteface

My next stop was the Karner Blue Sanctuary in Port Franks.  There has been considerable lack of rain this spring, and plants were looking thirsty.

Wild Lupine

The sanctuary is good for duskywings, but other than many Juvenal's and perhaps some Wild Indigo, it did not produce.  Last year I found Sleepy and Dreamy there.

I also walked part of the Lambton Heritage Forest.

It is good for several Hooded Warblers and a few Acadian Flycatchers.  In the past I have had different warblers there in the breeding season, but today, it too was rather quiet.
I came up with at least 4 Hooded Warblers and 2 Acadian Flycatchers today.


The L-Lake Trail on the other side of Outer Drive is one I sometimes check out.  It too had lots of Juvenal's Duskywings.  The first Hobomok Skipper of the season was here...finally.

Sandhill Cranes nest in the area and today they were making much noise!

Looks like a hot week!

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