Thursday, May 28, 2015

Evening Outings

On Tuesday evening I went down to Erieau on a chance something would show.  In the past it has worked out such as a couple of years ago I found a Laughing Gull and on another eve a Red Knot among other things.
Nothing of significance was there, but you don't know until you go!  Six Whimbrel were on Rondeau's south beach.  Eventually they took off before the storm hit.

Whimbrel getting out!

Some Great Egrets are around and I could see 3 roosting at the edge of Rondeau's forest.

Recently, more Bonaparte's Gulls have been present, but they too went elsewhere before the storm. An immature Little Gull was seen at one point. (some have finally shown up!).  Lots of Great black-backed Gulls, Common Terns.

The two male Common Mergansers were still hanging around.

This evening I took a look at Reid and McKeough CA's.  It is time to look for more insects!  Some dragonflies are out as well as butterflies.
I saw a couple of Tawny-edged Skippers this evening and a couple other FOY butterflies.

Skimmer with Four Spots
Skipper with Silver Spot

Hobomok Skipper
Juvenal's Duskywing
Ichneumon Wasp

Birds were few and far between.  Where the heck are the cuckoo's, lol?  We usually have both nesting at the CA's.
A pair of Common Gallinule is nesting at Peers Wetland just outside Wallaceburg.  These are hard to find anymore!

distant photo with G16 camera

A few more migrant birds are to come no doubt, but they are moving quickly.  Some rarities are out there to be found such as flycatchers.  Gray Kingbird has already been sighted!

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