Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Windy Wednesday

The wind has not let up in several days as wacky weather (lol) has returned.  Even some snow today!
Birding has been very slow and it seems that Sarnia is getting more warblers than Pelee and Rondeau combined!

I went out this evening to Mitchell's Bay. I knew it would be extremely windy out there, but I was interested in seeing what the birds were doing.  Obviously many were hunkered down or seeking shelter from the wind.  However, lots of bonies and terns were enjoying the wind on the lake.  Lots of scaup ducks were riding the waves.

I first checked the marsh at the end of Angler Line.  It was full of Gadwall!  Probably 125 birds plus wigeon, Mallard and teals.  Some Redhead were around as well.

The first part of  the lakeshore trail off Angler was somewhat sheltered from the wind.  In the lee of the wooded area, swallows (all the usual species) were taking shelter.  Some were sitting on the field.

On the way home I decided to check out Bear Creek Marsh.  It was interesting with a variety of birds. Near the end of the road, a strange white goose was hanging out with Canada's.

In the marsh, another white bird in the form of a lonely-looking Tundra Swan was swimming around.

Yet another white bird was a Great Egret. (Must be a Snowy Egret around somewhere...).

About 3 dozen Ring-necked Ducks were in the pond plus a few scaup and a Pied-billed Grebe.

I also heard a Virginia Rail grunting away in the marsh.

Things will settle down for the weekend I am sure......

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