Monday, April 20, 2015

Sunday at Rondeau

Sunday was Rondeau's turn.  There were rather few new migrants in the park and spending almost six hours in the park, I turned up less than ten warblers of two species.
A pair of Pine Warblers (in pine trees no less) was on south point trail and a total of 7 Yellow-rumped were tallied throughout the park.
The slow winter is continuing as a slow spring.

Ruby-crowned Kinglets are outnumbering Golden-crowned now and there were quite a few of those.
My early morning jaunt along south point trail revealed one swallow--a Bank, which was the FOY.  I have had them earlierin the past of course.

Many Double-crested Cormorants were going by.  One of these days I will find a small cormorant!

Hermit Thrushes had increased in numbers, as I found many.  This one had resorted to eating barberries in the wind.

Just before lunch I got ambitious and walked the Rondeau Road side of south point trail to the lake. One cannot get to that end from the other side due to all the erosion.

It was pretty scary on the shoreline with the waves crashing in!  It is amazing how much land has disappeared over the years and especially since early last fall.

I checked Blenheim Lagoons before going home.  The sprinklers have a bit of potential if we get some rain.  Close to 30 Dunlin were there, which for some strange reason eBird claims that to be a high number.  30 Avocets would have been more interesting.

Point Pelee had an interesting bird on Sunday (and today) in the form of a Pileated Woodpecker.  It was a celebration of sorts for some individuals, as the species just does not reside there!