Sunday, April 26, 2015

Another Morning at Rondeau

I headed back down to Rondeau this morning.  Normally I alternate between there and Pelee this time of year, but Pelee sounded rather dead yesterday!  Should have headed north to Canatara Park in Sarnia where the warblers seem to be concentrated.  Catherine Bouman spotted an Audubon's Yellow-rumped Warbler there this morning!  Interestingly, we were just talking about Audubon's at Rondeau early this

One of several photos by Mike Bouman

Another frosty morning with, you guessed it, NE winds.  Pine Warblers were once again singing on south point trail.  They were quite active today, moving around a fair bit.

A few Yellow-rumped were the only other warblers seen/heard.

I birded with Keith Burk and Steve Charbonneau, and we refound the White-eyed Vireo at the bottom end of south point trail.  It too was quite active and did not co-operate very nicely for the camera.

The lake was not near as active today compared to yesterday.  We only saw a couple of Common Loons heading west the brief time we looked.

One very nice Pine tree is starting to lean towards the lake as the severe erosion continues.  I decided to photograph it today since it may be in the lake next week!

Same area March 28.....

We took the long walk down Rondeau Road across Gardiner and up Harrison to Bennett.  Never came across a warbler!  Nice day for a walk and to burn off some fat....
However, this Bald Eagle perched majestically on a snag looked good in the morning sun.

We did not check out marsh trail today to look for other birds.

Pileated Woodpeckers have been very visible this spring.  Probably at least 4 pairs in the park.

Not in Post Woods

Later, I went over to Blenheim Lagoons.  The Dunlin number had increased to perhaps 160 birds.

Three Least Sandpipers were new.  A couple of pecs were in as well.  The Tundra Swan continues.
I did not flush up an owl today!

Looks like the end of this week is when things will really start to happen....finally.


  1. I've taken a number of photos of that White Pine over the years, most recently on Apr 18, but it never showed a lean like that. Those SE winds and waves are brutal!

    1. I always thought that was one of the nicer-looking pines. Unfortunately there is nothing we can do is doomed!