Thursday, February 12, 2015

Sun Pillar Today

At sunrise this morning, a sun pillar greeted us.  Here are a couple  of photos.

A bit later, a 'rainbow' was also evident around the sun, but not bright enough for photos.
It was a bright sunny day, no doubt indicating a weekday!

The St. Clair River looks barren as this Bald Eagle passed by Port Lambton this morning.


  1. Blake--Thanks for the 2 "Sun photos"--Excellent !
    Never having lived in an area with complete vision
    of sunrise--this was a pleasure to see !
    And--needless to say--I don't "get up" with the sun !
    LOL--- Irene

    1. Glad you liked the photos, Irene. It was an impressive sunrise, but I have seen that happen before when it is very cold and the sun reflects off particles in the icy air.