Sunday, February 8, 2015

Sarnia Scenes on Sunday

I ventured along the St. Clair River this morning and then checked out the Sarnia area.
There is quite a bit of open water on the US side farther up, but most of the ice is on our side.
A number of ducks at Sombra, including several Ring-necked.  I didn't quite get the right setting and focus on the camera due to the usual dull weekend lighting!

There is considerable open water at the south end of Courtright, but there is no decent place to pull off and scope those ducks, so who know what may be found.

There are thousands of Long-tailed Ducks in the upper river and at Sarnia once again.  Some rafts of ducks were out on lower Lake Huron, but too far to even scope.  One wonders if that King Eider is still around.

At Sarnia Harbour, I noticed a Bald Eagle feeding on something behind one of the ships.

It eventually came towards my vantage point.

A wounded Canada Goose was in its sights, so it harassed it for a few seconds.

It then landed on some ice farther out.

I checked Perch Creek and the wintering Saw-whet Owl was still in its favourite tree, well-hidden.  It is high up in a dense tree, so one cannot bother it.

I drove through back roads on the way home noting the usuals.

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