Thursday, December 4, 2014

Snowy Owl Update

These owls move around a lot so you have to be in the right spot at the right moment.  Yesterday heading to work, I saw one atop a sign post in the dark.  I did not see it until I was right beside it! This is the owl frequenting the corner of Forhan Street and Langstaff Line.  Mike Bouman managed to get a photo of it yesterday.

photo courtesy Michael Bouman
This particular owl seems to like the roadside, which is not a good thing!

Mike saw a total of four Snowy Owls along Langstaff Line on Wednesday!  As I drove home late in the day, I saw none!

This morning I saw two along Langstaff Line.  One was still near the R/R tracks late today.  I got this quickie shot with the G16 camera.

I drove around a bit before dark and managed to see another owl at the corner of Kimball Road and Langstaff Line.  Also atop a pole, but it was getting too dark.

Yesterday, there were at least 14 Snowy Owls in Chatham-Kent's Dover Township.  Mike Bouman made a concerted effort to find them. One spot had 3 owls within 3m of each other plus a fourth farther back.

Yet, he went down to Erieau area and found none!  They move around a bit partly because of weather and other factors.  It will be interesting to see how many stick around for a while and how many are tallied on the Christmas Bird Counts in the area.

Just in, late today 9 were seen the Erieau area (mainly Erieau Road-Lagoon Road).

In other notes, the 2 Greater White-fronted Geese were still at Blenheim yesterday.  Not sure if they are still around with this freezing weather.

Quite a few Turkey Vultures have been moving through the last couple of days.

An old familiar duck made an appearance at Port Lambton this morning.  Lighting was not good.  I had not seen it for about 3 weeks.

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