Monday, December 1, 2014

Snowy Owl Invasion--an epidemic!

photo courtesy Deryl Nethercott

Today I received more reports of Snowy Owls.  In the old Dover Township area of Chatham-Kent, 10 were spotted by Deryl Nethercott.
In the Erieau area, just along the south end of Erieau Road, Steve found 8.  He had another farther east at Eatonville (Rd. 15 and Talbot Trail).
A few are still in the Sarnia area.

Not sure about Wallaceburg area (days are just too darn short for me!), but I am sure there are a couple. Albeit a poor photo in the dawning light, this was one from last Friday along Langstaff Line.

"Hoo are you?"
One cannot drive every road and see every nook and cranny, so how many are really out there??

No doubt there will lots reported on Christmas Bird Counts.  I recall one year that Blenheim/Rondeau had 12 Snowy Owls.
Most of these seem to be older birds unlike last year when we saw a lot of young ones.

In other news, 2 Greater White-fronted Geese were at Blenheim Lagoons today.  No doubt the ones seen late yesterday just down the road.
The four at Ridgetown were not seen when one observer visited.

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