Saturday, December 13, 2014

Saturday in Sarnia-Lambton

Headed north for a change today!  I checked the St. Clair River but of course there is not much to see yet. We need cold and ice to bring things in.
I took a slight detour to Sombra solar farm.  Caught sight of this ghostly owl at the corner.  As usual, it was a gloomy day, so lighting was not good.

Looks like Long-tailed Ducks are accumulating in good numbers once again.  Many were at the head of Stag Island.
At Talfourd Creek, I noticed a Double-crested Cormorant on the boom as I drove by. Later I drove by on the way home, and it flew out of the creek.

Quite a few Herring Gulls were around the Shell dock, but I did not notice any white-winged.

An adult Iceland Gull was in Sarnia Bay--the only one I saw today.

At the mouth of Lake Huron, quite a number of Long-tailed Ducks were swimming.  A few White-winged and Surf Scoters were present as well. A Horned Grebe was at the entrance to the yacht club.

I went over to Perch Creek for a walk.  Hardly any landbirds!  Where are they...?

After I walked around, I met the Nethercott's and we did a thorough search of the property.  Rather disappointing for birds and certainly no owls.

I stopped at Moore WMA as well, and it was very quiet.  A couple of Brown Creepers, White-breasted Nuthatches a Chickadee or two and a titmouse were there among a few other common birds.
Yellow-rumped Warblers usually winter there, but I did not come across one today.

Late today I made a quick run west of town and came across two continuing Snowy Owls.  The one along Forhan Street that likes the roadside, was on a post beside the road!  I tried to get a photo, but it did not work in a slightly moving vehicle.  It would have been a nice one, but....

Long day ahead tomorrow in the gloomy weekend

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