Friday, December 12, 2014

Christmas Bird Count Time

Christmas Bird Counts (CBC's) will start on Sunday.  Rondeau/Blenheim is the first one in this area.  Looks like a mild day, and for a change, no wind! In the past we have had several counts with gale force winds. I usually hate wind.

Sand!  All gone now.....

Land birds are pretty scarce this year, so it will be interesting to see what comes up.  Hopefully at least some of the birds we had last weekend will still be around. And then some.

Several Snowy Owls are still around.  I wonder if we can beat the 12 recorded a number of years ago.

photo courtesy David Bourne (Sarnia)

One snowy is still along Langstaff Line west of Wallaceburg.  I saw it a couple of times this week, but it is difficult to pick out when it is still partly dark!  I have to resort to photos sent to me this week.
Another was seen today off Leeland Gardens.  It may have been there when I went by after work but I didn't notice it.

photo courtesy George Lee

I stopped nearby late today to photograph a ship that was making its last voyage on the St. Clair River.  It is destined to be scrapped at the end of this year.  Gloomy skies today, but of course the weekend was coming so what do you expect!

Algoma Montrealais

The Kettle Point CBC is December 20 and Wallaceburg is December 28.  Hopefully the weather will co-operate where last year it was horrible for most of the counts.  Mind you, Wallaceburg had probably the nicest weather!

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