Friday, November 14, 2014

White Stuff

This week we saw the first taste of winter.  Very cold and a bit of the white stuff (i.e. snow).  Along with it came some birds of white.  A Snowy Owl was along Langstaff Line west of Wallaceburg today.  It was out in the middle of the concession though.

It seems predictable where they will show up.  This area along Langstaff harbours a Snowy Owl almost every winter whether it is an invasion year or not.  Last year there were at least three at one point!
Here is one I photographed last winter out the car window on the way home from work with the Canon G16.

Another bird of white was the Cattle Egret mentioned in the previous blog post.  I saw it again the next day just south of the village of Port Lambton as the day was dawning.  I caught sight of a white bird in the distance flying over a lawn knowing full well it was the Cattle Egret.  As I approached the house, the bird landed on a window sill!  I have not seen the bird since.
Cattle Egrets seem to be comical at times and even quite approachable.

The following photos shows where I saw the egret the first time flying over.  It is actually in this photo, but too far away to discern!  This is what happens when you least expect a good bird.

Another Snowy Owl was reported near Grande Pointe earlier this week.  Another usual area for them. We have had lots of Snowy Owls in the last two winters, and it looks like a few will be around this winter as well.

Yet again there will be SW to W winds this weekend so I will be heading to points on Lake Erie. Perhaps a White Wagtail will be lurking around (LOL!).

Not a banner year for a Lake Huron lakewatch!

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