Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Another Cattle Egret!

Today was likely the last day of pleasant weather for a while.  I was out the door early once again.  After a brief watch of the river, I headed over to the shop early due to an issue with my car which I wanted to investigate.
While outside, I looked up and a nice surprise was in the air.  A Cattle Egret was circling overhead at low altitude!  Although I had a camera in the car nearby, I did not get it out in time before the egret headed towards Walpole Island.
One always needs to keep eyes to the sky!  Years ago after I got off work, a Snowy Egret flew over in virtually the same location.  I re-located that one in a creek nearby about 15 minutes later.

Seems to be quite a few Cattle Egrets showing up this fall.  Although not extremely rare, they are nice to find.  I have found at least six myself over the years in various locations, including those depicted below.

True to their name!

A recent scene at Point Pelee.  Large number of scaup with many other species mixed in!  Try and find an eider.....

Winter is on the way. (Hopefully not to the extent of last year!).

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